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Here you will find some interesting pieces about web design and marketing.Check back on regular basis or sing up to our RSS feed to keep up with the updates.

Tracking (onclick) CTA’s via PixelMe in DIVI Theme

If you’ve ever worked with Divi Theme and PixelMe, you’ve probably quickly realised that adding a simple ‘onclick event’ to their Call-To-Action buttons isn’t straightforward (Divi’s buttons are styled anchor tags rather than regular HTML wrappers). Follow Colorpeak’s tutorial and implement PixelMe in Divi Theme by Elegant Themes in 5 easy steps.

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Flat design vs depth in web design

By the time flat design was introduced in 2006 by Windows with their Zune player release, web designers were in a phase showing off their skills using flashy illustrations and animations that int their minds were to wow website visitors. It was a minefield full of colours, textures and simple animations that constantly distracted people to no end.

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Minimalism in Web Design

Whether you choose to design a minimalistic website or not, remember that what seems simple at first glance, usually requires a lot of effort from a designer’s perspective. There is no point in stripping things from the website to make it light and user-friendly if it’s not going to be functional.

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Web design and Marketing trends for 2019

When designing a website, one can no longer think only about the visuals. These days, every line of code needs to have a purpose. Good web design is agile and scalable, so when your business decides to move forward, your website is ready to do the same. It should...

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