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We do not doubt you have heard about this before, as it has been splashed over the news for months. A shiny new toy which has reached public access and has now exploded worldwide, access to ChatGTP is undoubtedly not going anywhere any time soon on the internet. In this article, we will be looking at ChatGTP, what it is, its benefits and disadvantages, the industries it could be used in, and other FAQs.

What is ChatGTP?

With ChatGPT, the user can’t tell whether they’re communicating with a human or a bot when they asked ChatGTP questions because the machine-learning language model can generate language with such high accuracy. Analysis, classification, and translation are just some of the tasks that it can assist with!

With its detailed and articulate responses across many world knowledge domains, this AI chatbot quickly gained attention as a prototype on November 30, 2022. However, the uneven accuracy of its facts has been identified as a significant defect in the free service which the public access. According to estimates, OpenAI’s valuation in 2023 will reach a little over £23 billion after ChatGPT is released, especially with the ChatGTP pro version coming out with priority access.

It was initially launched in November 2022 based on GPT-3.5, but GPT-4, the latest OpenAI model, became available for users with the official release of ChatGPT Plus in March 2023.

ChatGTP Homepage

What Does ChatGPT Stand For?

In short, ChatGPT stands for Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer. In this latest GPT technology, each word or phrase in each input is evaluated using a deep learning model. This real AGI scours the internet to generate answers for the user with free access.

How Does ChatGPT Artificial Intelligence Work?

Based on the data it was trained on, ChatGPT predicts what response will best answer your question after understanding your prompt.

In areas with appropriate training data, the model can learn, but it cannot replace a real person. Based on previous conversation questions and answers, it tailors its response based on the flow of the conversation.

Our typed questions are answered in a conversational manner by ChatGPT thanks to developers’ training. There is, however, much more to it than that. Data and training have allowed ChatGPT to perform a variety of tasks. A user can use it to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Respond to chats like a human
  • Code generation
  • Language translation
  • Business report translation
  • Create social media content automatically
  • Assist in answering questions
  • Form a complete sentence
  • Performing calculations
  • Text summarisation
  • Respond to prompts with fiction and nonfiction
It is certainly taking the world by storm with its intelligence, however, people are still relying on Google on the internet due to its many limitations. Perhaps in the next decade, this AI will replace Google!

How Was ChatGPT Trained?

A reinforcement learning process, called Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF), is used to train ChatGPT. As a result, ChatGPT’s own language model is continuously updated to provide the most human-like experience.

Initial information was collected from news articles, books, websites, and search engines (like Google), and more from the internet. However, to make the responses more conversational and humanistic, human AI trainers also provide data into ChatGPT, such as conversations between a user and AI assistants.

Considering that this is a direct result of the system’s design and maximises the similarity between outputs and the dataset trained on, it is essential to remember that this may sometimes lead to inaccurate or untrue results.

What Industries Can Use ChatGTP Prompts, and What are the Advantages?

Business applications and workflows can be seamlessly integrated with ChatGPT. In spite of some limitations, this chatbot has already proven more than capable of helping businesses grow their bottom line and enhance customer experiences. Therefore, here are some of the most common applications the business world is utilising the AI chatbot for.

ChatGTP Aiding in Marketing

ChatGPT can be a valuable tool for marketing professionals to maximise the level of personalisation delivered to customers through the content they are presented with.

ChatGTP Marketing Question
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Keyword Research and Search Engines

Using keyword analysis, ChatGPT analyses large blocks of human and user-generated textual search engine data to create a verbiage analysis summarising the most popular searched keywords.


Regarding marketing and sales copy, this chatbot simplifies copywriting for brands and products. There is, however, a need for more personality and verve in these textual copies, which humans can tweak with minimal effort (at least I know I won’t be out of a job soon!)

Automated Customer Feedback

An advanced chatbot like ChatGPT can automate customer user feedback and grievance redress by integrating it into a product-focused website or application.

A/B Testing

It can also be used to generate powerful campaign insights from multiple focus groups through A/B testing by using AI to create two different product descriptions.

ChatGTP is also able to help with:

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ChatGTP has learnt human user responses to AI written text online, thanks to developers. This text box includes educational material, from preschool information, the MBA exam, and high-level PHD university reports! As you can imagine, this allowed the AI to absorb and write human-like text with some highly intelligent insights, which search engines may not manage like Google.

Student Assistance

ChatGPT can assist students in staying organised and on track with their studies in the education sector. In addition to reminding students of upcoming assignments and tests, the chatbot can provide them with important information about their academic progress. As well as providing students with personalised guidance and advice, ChatGPT can provide extra practice and study tips to help them better understand complex concepts.

Teaching Assistance

Furthermore, ChatGPT can assist teachers in staying organised, tracking student progress, and providing student feedback.


ChatGPT API could be contributing to the problem of mass layoffs among software developers in a time of industry-wide layoffs. You can become a better programmer by using AI cleverly.

Coding Education and Language Model

With ChatGPT’s assistance, learning new features for supervised learning to code has become much more manageable. As well as giving accurate syntactical feedback, conversational AI can suggest better ways to code based on popular data structures and algorithms for practically any programming language available today.

ChatGTP Language Model

Software Quality Assurance

Software Quality Assurance (QA) automation is one of programmer management’s most overlooked yet crucial aspects. A testing article gave ChatGPT the basis for developing test scenarios and test cases to assess the effectiveness of new features of password recovery on login pages. Additionally, it could write a Java and Selenium script to automate the testing of the scenarios.

Software Development

ChatGPT is also capable of creating, maintaining, and consuming documentation related to systems. A conversational AI can help you develop your software product from scratch.

Media and Entertainment

Feeding arbitrary text prompts to ChatGPT will produce creative results that are entertaining just as it is! We already know how powerful it can be, but it can potentially transform how we enjoy media and entertainment.

Journalistic Content Production

As most of the news media sector sees ChatGPT’s limitations as a hindrance to creativity, the field of journalism is quite reluctant to implement it into its creative processes. Despite this, ChatGPT has proven helpful to creative writers with writer’s block, which can be beneficial to journalists and bloggers with fast-paced content creation requirements.


ChatGPT has demonstrated exceptional near-human creative prowess in writing scripts for films, interactive video games, novelist prompts, etc. Furthermore, it can develop unique plot points, creative character names, and branching dialogues.

Marketing Strategies

OTT platforms can execute new marketing strategies within their platforms. A conversational AI platform can be equipped with chatbots that can provide the most appropriate recommendations to users in real time. Furthermore, users’ feedback can generate ideas for future films and series. All of this can benefit:

  • Journalists
  • Filmmakers
  • Scriptwriters
  • And plenty of other media professionals!


AI is being applied to healthcare in a variety of ways. The use of conversational AI, in particular, is highly effective in improving the efficiency of healthcare processes and enhancing the patient experience.


Medical Transcriptions

ChatGPT allows the transcription of medical recordings to be far more comprehensive and precise, facilitating faster clinical decisions and reports. Medical transcription uses speech-to-text technology driven by artificial intelligence.

Expedited Diagnoses

Physicians can utilise ChatGPT for expedited diagnoses by using patient triage. AI can be programmed to extract a potential diagnosis from a patient’s vital signs and symptoms and suggest the next steps for treatment.


A ChatGPT assistant can schedule appointments with doctors, provide relevant information about ailments to those not medically inclined, and direct patients to nearby treatment centres. Doctors can be alerted to potential emergency cases through conversational chatbots by monitoring vitals through said application.


To properly define insurance coverage, physicians can summarise patient records using ChatGPT to obtain a holistic view of the patient’s family medical history.

Customer Service

Using natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence (AI), ChatGPT can be used for customer service.


The deep learning system can provide automated customer service, answer customers’ queries, and generate conversations with them. It uses natural language understanding (NLU) to generate appropriate responses to customer queries.


A personalised customer service experience can also be provided with the help of this tool. With this version of ChatGPT, customers can respond accurately to their queries by better understanding customer intent.


As a result of the above, customer satisfaction increases. Customer service costs are reduced due to the automation and minimal supervision required, or, at least, what is considered ‘less skilful’ work.


ChatGPT’s beta version was available to the public three months after its launch, and bankers worldwide responded with text prompts.

Tailored Financial Advice

It has been a godsend for the banking sector to be able to provide financial advice tailored to very specific customer personas. As a result, too little effort is put into identifying the personas that could guarantee exceptional returns. ChatGPT enables bankers to analyse vast customer data on spending habits and investments. It would be possible to formulate appropriate financial advice based on the insights gained from these analyses.

Freud Detection

ChatGPT can also help detect fraud and reduce banking and financial services malpractice. Using historical fraud patterns, Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) are generated by analysing customer behaviours that led to fraud historically.

Legal Contracts

Additionally, ChatGPT will be able to help draft accurate legal contracts shortly. The chatbot can produce legal sentences on par with those written by some of the world’s best human lawyers. Other uses within banking include:

  • Retention rewards for employees
  • Payment gamification
  • Producing financial polls
  • And lots more!

Travel and Tourism

Chat GPT has many unique and valuable things to offer the tourism and travel industry. As a result of this technology, travel and tourism could undergo a revolution!

Information-Finding Efficiency

Travellers can use Chat GPT to find information about their destination and make the most of their trip by finding information quickly. It allows travellers access to ask questions in natural language and receive answers quickly and accurately. It provides them access to information about attractions, restaurants, transportation, currency exchanges, and more in just a few seconds.

Customer Service

You can probably tell that ChatGTP can help with customer service in any industry, and the tourism industry is no different. In addition to helping customers find flight times and hotel prices, it can also assist them in finding the information they need quickly and accurately.


Text can also be translated using Chat GPT. This way, tourists can communicate more easily with locals and travel more efficiently.

Personalised Recommendations

A personalised travel recommendation can also be generated using Chat GPT. With ChatGPT, travellers can create personalised destination suggestions, activities, and more based on their preferences and interests.

Ultimately, Chat GPT can improve travel and tourism efficiency and enjoyment.


Manufacturing includes several iterations and many steps within the whole process, and ChatGTP can help with most of the steps.

Customer Service

AI-powered chatbots can improve customer service. It is an automated and more efficient way to interact with companies and receive answers to logistics-related questions. The result is a reduction in customer wait times and improved customer satisfaction.

Shipment Tracking

AI can assist in automating the process of tracking shipments, reducing the need for manual intervention and improving accuracy. Providing real-time updates to gather data on shipments can help logistics companies serve their customers better.

Inventory Management

Logistics companies can use AI to manage their inventory better, reducing stock-out risk and ensuring that goods are always available. A reduction in losses and an improvement in customer service can result from this.

Route Planning

Using AI, route planning and scheduling can be automated, reducing travel times and costs. As a result of AI optimising routes, logistics companies can save time and money on delivery, allowing them to provide their customers with better prices and services.

Increased Security

AI can assist in detecting and preventing fraud and cyber attacks, ensuring that customers’ data is kept safe and secure. A security measure such as this can help protect customers’ personal data and information, reducing the risk of financial loss. On the other hand, this is still being disputed by some who believe the AI could be a huge cybersecurity risk in itself.

graphic of ai for manufacturing

Governmental Services

Government services can be enhanced by using conversational AI to automate tasks and provide more accessible customer service (of course!) But there are plenty of other benefits in this sector.


Citizens can use conversational AI to find and utilise government services, answer common questions, and provide helpful information. In addition to reducing customer service wait times and costs, this technology can provide a more personalised experience.


In addition, conversational AI can provide governments with real-time feedback, enabling them to understand their citizens’ needs better and improve their services over time.

What are the Limitations of ChatGTP?

ChatGTP is a fantastic tool in AI and is leading the research marketing in this particular technology. However, it is still in its early stages, which is quite unbelievable when you can see what can be done already!


ChatGPTs can provide incorrect or misinformed answers, as one of the main disadvantages. Due to their trial-and-error nature, GPTs are only as accurate as their underlying data and algorithms. Customers trying to get help may experience frustration and confusion due to some chatbot conversations (including those with nonsensical answers). Customer service is hampered by ChatGPT’s inability to handle complex inquiries or requests.

If you ask an ambiguous question or with excessively verbose, the model guesses what it means instead of asking for clarification, which can lead to false positives or an unintended response (or vice versa with false negatives). Sometimes, ChatGTP writes plausible sounding responses which seem correct but isn’t, leading to misunderstandings and misinformation. Also, up-to-date data only goes as far as 2021, so newer data needs to be learned or communicated with reward models and fine tuned.

For now, perhaps stick to Google…

ChatGTP Misinformation


It is common for GPTs to be trained only to answer commonly asked questions and provide basic product information. Consequently, customers with complex questions may still be able to get in-depth assistance. However, this can result in ChatGPT’s slow response time, and timely responses are often delayed. In comparison to a human customer service agent, GPTs take longer to process and generate an answer when it is a more complex topic.

Lack of Empathy

Providing support in certain situations can be challenging due to ChatGPT’s inability to empathise with users and understand their emotions. There are industries where ChatGTP cannot be used as customers need the empathy of a real person – this is especially true for mental health helplines, and we don’t see this changing any time soon.

Scope of Understanding

Topics that can be discussed on ChatGPT are limited. GPTs can only provide advice and knowledge for issues within their limited knowledge domain since they are trained on specific datasets. Customers can thus expect only assistance with topics within their usual knowledge base.

Other Concerns with ChatGTP

Outside of industrial problems, there are other ethical concerns, about how the general public could misuse ChatGTP.


To ensure its content policy is adhered to, ChatGPT rejects requests that violate it. Early in December 2022, some users bypassed these restrictions of the large language model by using prompt engineering techniques to jailbreak ChatGPT. Using these techniques, ChatGPT was manipulated into providing instructions on how to make Molotov cocktails (or nuclear bombs) or to generate arguments like neo-Nazis, a genuinely horrendous feat. A popular jailbreak is called DAN, which stands for Do Anything Now. ChatGPT is given tokens to be coerced into answering the user’s questions in the latest version of DAN. ChatGPT made inflammatory statements shortly after launch via an individual reporter at the Toronto Star. While they fooled ChatGPT into supporting the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, they failed to convince ChatGPT that Justin Trudeau had committed treason even with a fictional scenario.

Using an adversarial training method, the researchers prevented ChatGPT from being tricked into misbehaving. A chatbot plays the adversary and forces the other chatbot to produce unwanted responses by generating text. ChatGPT responds and is taught to ignore successful attacks by adding the reward model data to its training database.


It is possible for students to cheat or write papers using ChatGPT. In a recent interview, Furman University philosophy professor Darren Hick claimed that one of his students used ChatGPT to write an essay for class.

Also, in New York, students allegedly abused OpenAI’s chatbot earlier this month, causing the Department of Education to block access.

ChatGPT and other AI-based tools have also been temporarily banned at the University of Hong Kong. The HKU vice president says plagiarism cases will be handled as cases of suspected violations of the AI-based tool ban. Conversational bots are warned against in schools throughout the city, but no policies have yet been introduced to prohibit their use as it is such a new invention.


Human Worker Displacement

As I mentioned before about copywriting, there are fears that ChatGPT could replace humans in writing-centred tasks due to its capability to produce content in seconds. Yet human creativity can only be fulfilled by humans because technology needs to possess nuanced and critical thinking skills.


ChatGPT sometimes engages in discriminatory behaviour, such as praising Obama and Biden while not praising Donald Trump or telling jokes about men while not praising women or non-binary persons. Favouring different sexualities has also been a problem.

Elon Musk, the original co-founder of OpenAI, and conservative commentators have accused ChatGPT of favouring liberal perspectives. This includes the fact that it was designed to avoid partisan, biased or political responses and to support issues that conservatives oppose. Because of this, ChatGPT has been described as ‘woke’ by the conservative newspaper National Review.

OpenAI responded to such criticisms with a blog post acknowledging plans to allow ChatGPT to produce outputs that others may strongly disagree with in the future. Also included were recommendations on handling controversial issues that had been issued to human reviewers, including a suggestion that the AI should describe some viewpoints of people and movements rather than argue for inflammatory or dangerous topics from its own point of view. However, it can still provide arguments from historical figures, world events and movements, yet not affiliate with a particular side or judge one specific group.

What Is Chat-GPT Plus?

There is a £20 monthly fee for Chat-GPT Plus, which is the premium paid version, of Chat-GPT. The ChatGTP pro version. This new version offers the following benefits, according to OpenAI:

  • ChatGPT is accessible at all times, even during peak periods
  • Faster response speeds than the free version of ChatGPT
  • Improved features and priority access
ChatGTP Recipe Question
Stuck on ideas? ChatGTP certainly gave some yummy suggestions when asked about new recipes!

Is There a Summary of What ChatGTP Can Do?

We’ve discussed a lot of advantages in this article, but here is a more concise list:

  • Coding
  • Building CVs and cover letters
  • Interview preparation
  • Name generation
  • Customer engagement
  • Content generation
  • Text summarisation
  • Identifying security flaws in code
  • Business idea generation
  • Art and decoration idea generation
  • Design system documentation
  • Statistics generation
  • Translation
  • Nurturing leads
  • Unique ad copies
  • SEO
  • Drafting essays
  • Writing music lyrics
  • Write poetry
  • Solving mathematical problems
  • Product description generation
  • Even creating jokes!

Final Thoughts

This article has a lot to unpack, as you can tell by the length! ChatGTP is a fantastic invention by developers who should be proud of the achievement. The software is so interesting that it caught the interest of so many people worldwide, and everyone is trying it!

Many industries can benefit from this AI, changing how businesses are run. Despite the limitations, newer versions of ChatGTP are being released and continue to be developed like most technology.

Although there are many concerns, things are new and still being ironed out, and the advantages and disadvantages are pretty evenly distributed. You may want to join ChatGTP Plus like many others do now it is available. Either way, it is fun to play around with and could help a lot; go and experiment yourself with ChatGTP!