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Black Friday 2023 saw a record-breaking day of global e-commerce, closing in $9.8 BILLION of online sales.

Almost all web retailers experience raise in sales profit every year. This trend is expected to grow exponentially. Now is the best time to become part of the e-commerce revolution.

Whether you’ve just started selling your products through your website, on Amazon™, e-Bay™ store, or Facebook™ or you’re trying to grow your UK business by outsourcing ecommerce fulfilment to a 3rd party and need to improve SEO on your existing website setup, Colorpeak has you covered.

e-Commerce shop setup

As of 2023 Shopify powers 20% of top 1 mln eCommerce stores

Colorpeak specialises in building Shopify stores using the end-to-end e-commerce technology to help you engage with customers, sell products, maintain and grow your online business. As a result, it has never been easier to launch your web store, attract new customers and sell the way you want.

e-Commerce highlights

Nowadays, e-Commerce has revolutionised the way consumers buy products and services and therefore how companies are doing business. Consequently consumers expect to be able to purchase almost anything online at any time.

Woocommerce shop

Powered by Shopify

Build a strong brand and make a profit with the best web store platform on the Internet.
No commissions for selling items on e-commerce shop set up

No commissions

Reduce overhead with transparent fees and as a result calculate solid profits ahead of time.
e-Com store back-end support

Store Backend Support

All tools needed to run your shop swiftly. We will reduce returns and avoid disappointments.
Fully customisable e-Commerce shop setup

Fully customisable

Functional design that presents your products beautifully. Your rules implemented firmly.
Automation e-commerce and social media campaigns


Minimise time and money spent on logistics, invoicing and inventory.
Web chat functionality available for e-commerce websites

Web chat

Engage with your customers in real time and increase sales even more.