Spott Review – Yet another graphic design… NOPE!

by | Oct 26, 2020 | Graphic Design, Marketing, Web Design

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Spott Tool review

I originally posted this review of Spott on AppSumo, and if you’re interested in purchasing Spott, I would encourage you to read more reviews there after you finish our take on it.

Worth noting

Spott is very similar to Vistag that we reviewed by in 2018, which has been shut down. However, Spott is already ahead offering video tagging (as opposed to Vistag, that only allowed to tag photos) and shows a lot of promise in future roadmap development.

Spott is a unique tool that can change your entire e-commerce, sales landing page as well as your social media marketing strategy – to name just a few.

Picture tagging and tooltips are underutilised in digital marketing, and the available tools (WP plugins) are either buggy or limited. That is why Spott stands out even harder, as there is nothing quite like it that I know of.

Spott Making Engagement Tool

Spott Pros

  • video tagging – wow, that opens a lot of possibilities in gamification and making your videos and ads actually producing a sale,
  • the tags are responsive and consistent across the board – this is a massive issue for the majority of the other “tagging” tools I’ve tried in the past,
  • tags are very flexible and allow for plenty of different info to be input in the popups or tooltips – different types of URLs and additional CSS in styles help in nailing the design – again that amount of (somewhat common-sense) flexibility has never been the case with Vistag or other similar tools I’ve tried,
  • “Asset Feed” – looks to be an extremely interesting feature I will have to dig into – for now, extra tacos for attempting to automate some of the copy-paste tasks – such an approach always strikes confidence in the founders’ vision for the SaaS,
  • intuitive interface and enough documentation to get you up to speed in less than an hour,
  • reporting will help in gauging the engagement and updating clients.

Spott Cons

  • I don’t see any workarounds for the lost SEO due to hosting pictures on Spott servers… Alt tags, picture title and description – would be nice to see input fields for those in your embed code at least,
  • more trigger options: currently only static or hover, but it would be nice to have an option for a timed trigger, e.g. “wait for 10s and open a popup”, or on exit intent, etc.,

The future of Spott

I was waiting for something like it since Vistag literally pulled DOA on all of us in the SEO industry. This time the team behind the tool is set on the development and looks much more established. Contrary to what I see in some of the startup SaaS that never invested in SEO, Spott Team brand is ranking very nice and is targeting keywords that point to their long-term commitment and outside-of-LTD growth.

There is one more thing that needs to be said here – our graphic designer will have to change her processes. And our agency will have to incorporate Spott to our entire design/video/CRO strategy moving forward. And this is a lot of work and changing things around.

So, if you have an established way of making images, videos and ad-clips using some tools, your process will need to encompass Spott somehow – an extra step to do for your designer, so be mindful of that.

But we feel this is going to be worth it.