Top Venues Everyone Need To See In Gateshead

Whilst experiencing Gateshead, also check into these fantastic destinations

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Gateshead, North East

The town of Gateshead is situated in the North East of UK in the ceremonial county of Tyne and Wear and within the historic boundaries of County Durham and Northumberland. It lies on the southern bank of the Tyne River at a latitude of 54.57 ° N and a longitude of 1.35 ° W. Among the most popular functions of Gateshead is its land-profile. The land rises 230 feet from Gateshead Quayside to the Trinity Square and continues increasing to a height of 525 feet at Queen Elizabeth Medical Facility in Sheriff Hill suburb, located downtown.

Do not miss out on those wonderful destinations:

  • Gateshead Millennium Bridge
  • Gateshead Tyne Bridge
  • Sage Gateshead
  • Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art
  • The Angel of the North

People frequently comment in connection with these places: knowledgeable and truly attentive staff who accepts guests to their “behind the curtains” sections of the site so that anyone can manage to experience Gateshead as it goes.

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One interesting detail to extract from your travel to Gateshead:

“I truly enjoyed my see in Gateshead last year. There was such a large series of work therefore much to take a look at.

We had a private scenic tour as there was only two of us on this journey.

Thoroughly suggested!” – Louis after taking a trip to Gateshead

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