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How to grow your business online without the expected “technical know-how”, and how successful online companies benefit from our Business Development Services.

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How to grow your business online without the expected “technical know-how”, and how successful online companies benefit from our Business Development Services. Since you’ve set up your company, things went reasonably well for you and your business.

Most of the customers were coming to you through word of mouth, so you just had to make sure that excellent service was delivered every single time. And that was enough to guarantee a steady revenue, great customer relationships and personal growth.

Fast forward to 2020, and something changed.

It isn’t just the global economic crisis that is yet to unfold its ugly side over the coming years. There is something else in the air, and that is a sudden and a rapid shift towards online business:

  • remote work
  • e-commerce
  • online service booking
  • Google Maps to find your company
  • Google Search to find your services
  • customers looking for your website
  • people visiting your social media profiles
  • and many other activities.

All online. All with the aid of technology. All of a sudden, you realise that the tried-and-true methods might be just not enough. They are still crucial to run your business successfully, but your company’s online identity has to be more professional and follow the 21-st century trend.

Else, the fear is that your company may become obsolete given what your competitors are already doing.

For you and businesses that are looking to up their online business game, we’ve put together our Business Development Services. It’s a proven step-by-step method of getting your company back on the very path of creating ​the future you’ve envisioned when you first started your business.

Business Development Service: How A Starting North East Entrepreneurs Can Gain Ground With The Help Of Business Development Service

Best Competitive Advantage

How To Develop Your Business Idea Applying Competitive Advantage

To gain the Competitive Advantage in online ranking you need to research everything that works great for your competitors, but also, the areas they’ve missed.You can then plan around those opportunities, picking their best strategies and improving on them, as well as filling in the gaps. Competitive advantage is the key here and knowing it you can determine the type of products and services you offer and how you want to go about promoting them.If you need help in understanding how you can leverage your business’s unique features over your competition, contact us now.

Professional Marketing Audit

How To Prosper With The Help Of Business Development Service

Marketing audit in its simplest form involves analysing your current business circumstance, but then also researching and planning for ways of obtaining new customers and prospects.It’s important to realise that a marketing audit is not about determining whether the business as a whole is doing a good job or not, but rather it is a way of detecting all the shortcomings and available opportunities of the current marketing plan used by a business. Colorpeak not only can deliver a great marketing audit but then also we will help you to put it into action. Contact us today.

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Local Market Opportunity Analysis

The Secret Of Advancing With Business Development Service

In digital marketing, the market opportunity analysis follows the same methodology we use for general SEO keyword research. This is because the excersice identifies your relevant online positioning on Google, the “keywords” corresponding to your services, as well as the exact number of searches. We gather everything that allows us for a detailed assessment of your growth perspective and marketing potential.

Business Development Service: How An Unknown North East Retail Owners Can Bounce From The Bottom With Business Development Service
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Top Online Marketing Strategy

How To Outwit Competition Using Online Marketing Strategy

A marketing strategy can be broken down into multiple different components like Business Intelligence assessment, a complete plan of marketing methodology that will be carried out, or calculating expected return on investment and involved timelines. And the main goal should always be gaining a sustainable advantage over your competition that assist you in winning more business.At Colorpeak, creating a successful marketing strategy is with use of technology and large data.

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Modern ROI Calculation

How To Get To The Top With The Use Of ROI Calculation

You may be able to get an ROI calculation by yourself, but it is always a wise move to get it done by a professional if you do not have the time to do it yourself. We help assessing the return on ivestment with relation to any of the digital marketing services we offer. That alone helps our customers to assess the costs and timelines of undertaking any marketing plans.

High-Quality Rebranding Strategy Consultation

Rebranding Strategy Consultation As A Reliable Blueprint For Getting Rapid Results

If you are in the process of rebranding your business, new product or service, we offer a free consultation to get your point of view across. We can help you with having your new branding to reflect your company values, as well as guide your rebranding activity to integrate with your marketing strategy. We can even help you get your brand out into the marketplace before you make a commitment to your marketing campaign! Contact us today!

Business Development Service: How A Starting North East Entrepreneurs Can Pull Off With The Use Of Business Development Service
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Business Development Service: The Process That Every North East Store Owner Applied To Overcome Challenges

Business Development Service As A Decisive System For Grasping Impressive Effects

In today’s day and age, developing a successful business means almost every time to use technology and the Internet, in some shape or form. Our development services for companies take a way of identifying the issues using science and numbers. Too often we see “business gurus” applying the same old “solution templates” to all weaknesses and challenges different businesses face. And it never works because of the rapid evolution of technologies and the Internet rendered those “gurus” and their “templates” obsolete.On the other hand, the same rapid advancement of the way we work opened new means of growth and business development.If you’ve tried it all or you’re stuck on some beaten SWOT analysis that gets you nowhere, talk to us – we will help you find a way of solving your issues.

Social Business Intelligence Consultant

The Secret Of Using Business Development Service

The type of Business Intelligence consultancy we provide gives you the actual Google Clickstream data overview. With that, your company can see the exact traffic potential for the services and products. Or even new market areas that you contemplate going into but unsure if it’s a good idea. And thanks to the large data and behaviour of your targeted traffic, we can show you a number of advanced metrics and intelligence you won’t see in anywhere else.If you care to make educated decisions and avoid unnecessary risks in getting into new markets, contact us now.

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