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High Heaton NE7, North East

High Heaton is a small community of Newcastle upon Tyne in Tyne and Wear, England. The area is bordered by Jesmond, Heaton (from which it takes its name), and Gosforth. The local area houses the Freeman Healthcare facility, The Spinney apartments, a tall property building which was constructed in the 1960’s and also Paddy Freeman’s Park, which brings about Jesmond Dene. The Freeman Health center is just one of the leading organ hair transplant hospitals in the UK, largely popular for its effective prices of baby cardiology as well as transplant for adults. The High Heaton suburb consists primarily of 1930s housing developments, before this the area was farmland.

Check also:

  • Newcastle Freeman Hospital
  • High Heaton Library
  • Paddy Freeman’s Park
  • The Spinney
  • The Wills Building

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High Heaton NE7 on Google: https://goo.gl/maps/jbP8ULmou8rMfHKSA

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