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Sunderland in England

Much of the city lies on a low variety of hills running parallel to the coast. Usually, it is around 80 metres above water level. Sunderland is separated by the River Wear which in turn goes through the heart of the city in a greatly incised depression, part of which is called the Hylton canyon. The 3 road bridges connecting the north and south portions of the city are the Queen Alexandra Bridge at Pallion, the Wearmouth Bridge just to the north of the city centre and fairly recently the Northern Spire Bridge in between Castletown and Pallion. Many of the suburban areas of Sunderland are located towards the west of the city centre with 70% of its populace residing on the south side of the river and 30% on the north side. The city encompasses the seashore at Hendon and Ryhope in the south and Seaburn in the north.

This fascinating area is appreciated for the following venues:

  • Shadows in Another Light
  • Souter Lighthouse
  • Herrington Country Park
  • Roker and Seaburn Beaches
  • Penshaw Monument

What’s more about the spots: a refreshing hike to the memorable places with a professional pilot recounting anecdotes about the engineering and time lines of Old Sunderland.

Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/g3rYYZnNnSf2Gk6A7

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One amusing thing worth noticing after your visit in Sunderland:

“Love strolling along the streets in Sunderland – magnificent sights of the North East.

A really helpful corner to go to together with perfect guides that keep you involved right.

Note that you need to comply with the indicators because of the improvement works.” – Joseph’s comment on Sunderland

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