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South Heaton NE6 in the UK

South Heaton is a suburb in the eastern end of Newcastle upon Tyne, England, about 2 miles from the city centre. It is bordered by the neighbouring locations of High Heaton and Cochrane Park to the north, Walker and Walkergate to the eastern, Byker to the south and Jesmond and Sandyford to the west. The name Heaton means high area, describing the area being positioned on hillsides over the Ouseburn, a tributary of the River Tyne. South Heaton now offered by Chillingham Rd City terminal along with Byker Metro station and also a variety of bus courses, including routes 1, 62 as well as 63, which link South Heaton to Newcastle city centre as well as locations in the west of Newcastle.

Best 5 great locations to check:

  • Heaton Park
  • Armstrong Park
  • Heaton Baptist Church
  • Sambuca Pavilion
  • The Heaton Mosque & Islamic Centre

Visitors who toured the place frequently note: other number one venues with well-rounded and truly loving staff, a first-rate feeling and outstanding adventures for adults and {their} kids likewise.

Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/jetpuM5kg9PT5bUH8

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The most significant message apropos South Heaton NE6:

“An exciting adventure exploring South Heaton NE6 starting with the Bourgeois era to WWII.

The personnel were pleasant and efficient, as well as we’ll definitely return following time we remain in North East.

Constantly something taking place.” – Dan

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