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Northumberland, North East

Northumberland is an independent jurisdiction and historical county in North East England, the northernmost county of England. The unitary jurisdiction perimeters Cumbria to the western side, County Durham and Tyne and Wear to the towards the south and the Scottish Borders to the nothern side. To the east is the North Sea shore along a track around 50 miles long. The county town is Alnwick, although the county chamber is situated in Morpeth.

Being mostly non-urban beside substantial areas of hills, the demography of Northumberland is just 62 persons per square mile, giving it the least population density in England.

Newcastle University and Northumbria University are the reputable scholastic organisations nearby. The local market involves financial or academic undertaking in pre-clinical research and expansion, professional research and technology, pilot-scale engineering, all-encompassing active pharmaceutical manufacturing, mothodology, order fulfilment, and circulation.

Pharmaceutical, health care and emerging healthcare biotechnology businesses develop a very considerable part of the county’s current economic condition. Northumberland’s business sector is controlled by some multi-national associations: Coca-Cola, MSD, GE and Drager all have considerable centers in the area.

When finding yourself in this fascinating location, definitely inspect:

  • Lady of the North
  • Bamburgh Castle
  • Northumberland National Park
  • Kielder Water & Forest Park
  • The Alnwick Garden Poison Garden

Furthermore: many marvelous materials, all based on donations, wonderful displays, especially all the first-hand Industrial Exhibits, all accessible, nice and hygienic bathrooms, attentive personnel and unrestricted amenities.

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The one message regarding Northumberland:

“The 2 hour walking scenic tour around Northumberland place and also Northumberland was exceptionally fascinating.

Definately a location to head to to have a good evening out.

Suggest you publication beforehand as it’s a very popular tourist attraction.” – Farrin’s comment on Northumberland

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