Top 5 Blyth Areas To Stop By

While stepping in in Blyth, also make sure to check the following awesome spots

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Blyth, North East

Blyth is an area and civil parish in southeast Northumberland, England. It lies on the shore, to the southern of the River Blyth and is just about 13 miles northeast of Newcastle upon Tyne. It has a population of roughly 37,000, since 2011.

The primary technique road to Blyth is the A189 Spine Road which is accessible from the A1 via the A19. The A193 is the main roadway via Blyth and also takes to Bedlington to the west and North Tyneside to the south. The other main path toward Blyth is the A1061. Blyth coach station is located in Post Office Square in the middle of the town.

Important venues in here are:

  • Ridley Park
  • Blyth Battery
  • Phoenix Theatre
  • Port Heritage Centre
  • Blyth Bandstand

Additional visitors commentary: lots of surprising information, and for free, lovely exhibits, especially all the authentic Industrial Showrooms, easy to find, nice and tidy toilets, receptive staff and handy exits.

Blyth on Google Maps:

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Other amusing thing to mind about Blyth:

“We spent concerning a hr roaming around Blyth and also looking at the various events of artists’ work, very satisfying.

Take a look around a few of the less evident edges to see the covert craftwork.

Terrific what you can find out about the history as well as what is under your feet.” – Lindy states checking out Blyth

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